Arktura Recycled Sales Binders

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Arktura is a custom designer of architectural systems and furniture.  While not necessarily a house hold name, the average person has in all likelihood been the presences of their work - at a company's headquarters, office or civic building or retail location.  What they do is distinguished with a style an elegance that fuses old-school craft and design with state-of-the-art technology.

In our early years as a company, working with Arktura was a bit intimidating.  Every angle needed to be precise, every ink registration perfect..... just like their structures.  Over time, the jobs have become annual challenges that we revel in.

Each Arktura job, be it a custom printed recycled binder for sales or recycled notebook for a company giveaway, involves an incredible amount of detail with the print.  It is really is a treat to see our products used as a canvas for Arktura's artists.

Arktura Sales Recycled Sales Binders