Momofuku Custom Menus and Bill Presenters

Momofuku is a group of restaurants owned by chef-founder David Chang. The restaurants are: Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Booker & Dax, Má Pêche, Momofuku Ko, Milk Bar, Momofuku Seiōbo, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Nikai, Daishō, Shōtō, and Fuku.  "Momofuku" translated from Japanese is "lucky peach"..... and if you have ever eaten there we are sure you would agree that is a fitting name.

Momofuku came to Guided by way of a past promotional product order years ago.  The simple problem they were having is access - without going through the typical commercial print industry route of designer to broker, to commercial printer to packaging expert.  Bottom line Momofuku had a desire and were looking to bridge that to great packaging.

Specifically, Momofuku has always provided an out-of-the-box experience, from food, to service, to menus.  As part of the Momofuku experience,  you don't know what's on the menu before you arrive, but when you leave you get a menu as a take-away....which is extra cool for all those foodies out there.  In the past Momofuku had always done their menus themselves.

Enter Guided - the challenge was to a) automate this process to save them time and money and b) to provide a level of finish consistent with their  brand.  We think we nailed it.  From Momofuku - "we really enjoy working with you and the product that results from it!!"

The finished package:

 Momofuku Custom Menu and Bill Presenter

While in image, these menus may seem a bit flat and ordinary - but they are far from it.  The paperboard was specifically sourced with vellum and inside grey board for printing.  The menus and presenters were custom die cut and embossed with Momofuku's brand (the peach).  Finishing included inline folding, glueing, and drilling.

The process it self has a number of steps - they included initial concepts and proto-types, building tooling and copper dies, and then automated and hand fulfillment.

Momofuku Prototype Momofuku Menue Die Momofuku Restaurant Copper dies Momofuku Dies    

 The results in action at the restaurant:


Up next???  More and more innovative ways to package and wow customers.....  and some really really good food!!