Rigid Box for Bayou Bowties

August 04, 2015 1 min read

Rigid Box for Bayou Bowties

It takes a certain audacity to hunt alligators. Andrew McGehee comes by this quality honestly, through a deep family hunting tradition and of making things with the spoils.

gator hunting

As a designer, Andrew has created a line of bowties which balance those earthy roots with an elegance and attention to detail that is truly remarkable. Check out the honest craftsmanship and a dashing style at Bayou Bowties.

Andrew wanted packaging that embodies the same standards for natural materials, elegance and fit and finish that he uses for the bowties themselves. Much like a classic watch, packaging for a great bowtie can elevate the experience, whether you are opening it for the first time or handing it down to the next generation.

rigid box with brown kraft and black

Bayou Bowtie two-piece boxes are a rigid construction using 100% recycled chipboard. The base is wrapped with a brown kraft and the lid has a matte black stock. The Bayou Bowties logo was screen printed after construction, using aqueous ink.

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