Candy Retail Tent Box for Theo Chocolates

Theo Chocolate and it's founder Joe Whinney are tireless champions of organic cocoa beans and fair trade practices for the farmers growing those beans. From sourcing beans at their origin to small batch production, Theo Chocolate controls every aspect of manufacturing to yield a product that is without equal in embodying the land, people and craft which connects us all.

These dreamy peppermint marshmallows are enrobed in a rich dark chocolate. They're great right out of the custom box, or dipped in a mug of hot chocolate. The gable box is constructed from a clay coated newsprint stock and has 4c printing and the red spot color by Leatherback Printing.

Grab these limited edition marshmallows while you can, or head on over to Theo Chocolates to explore the wonders that can be brought to life when passion and beliefs are put into practice every day.