Retail Display Hanger for Guided's ReSleeve

The bookends of Guided's product strategy is simple - make products that don't end up in a landfill after the end of their useful life and Made in USA.  When we got our popular ReSleeve recycled CD case picked up by Office Depot, Office Max and Walmart, we had to quickly design retail packaging that would maintain our core values of green and sustainability, while providing a durable solution that handles the rigors of big box retail distribution.  Obviously not a walk in the park.

Enter Guided's own packaging design team - tasked with creating packaging that is durable but is equally as sustainable as the product it will be holding.  The result, the team created a printed paperboard sleeve / case without using any shrink or plastic.  This sleeve checked all the boxes:

  • Durable with hanger for retail display
  • Fully recyclable
  • Showcases the product inside while still providing protection
  • Pops at retail and grabs the attention of the consumer in those 2 seconds