Handmade Soap Packaging for Outlaw Soaps

August 05, 2015

Handmade Soap Packaging for Outlaw Soaps

Your voice isn’t just what you say, it’s how you’re heard and how people perceive you. Your voice is how you take what you care about - your passions, focus and energy - and put it into the world so that people can interact with your creations. You can be the most skilled maker in the world, but if your voice isn’t clear and compelling, nobody is going to care.

Danielle and Russ at Outlaw Soaps know that attention is not a birthright. They pour their hearts into every bar of soap, and into every word. From colorful tales of the art of soap making, to sharing the hard won lessons from building a business from the ground up, Outlaw has a voice that draws you in and makes you part of the team.

Head on over to get to know Danielle and Russ, and to peruse their handmade soap (we especially love Laundry on the Line). They do save some choice verbiage for the the soap boxes themselves, so you may want to sign up for the subscription plan!

Details: This custom soap box is digital print on 20pt recycled chipboard. It has a view (and smell) hole die cut in the front for optimal Bam!


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