Custom Retail Knife Packaging for Knapp Made

August 05, 2015 2 min read


Custom Retail Knife Packaging for Knapp Made

Ask your butcher about the advantages high carbon steel knives. High carbon steel is not stainless steel. A great knife isn't about being shiny, It's about being flexible and strong. It's about taking a razor sharp edge quickly and easily. It's about breezing through a ripe summer tomato, or quartering a chicken in just minutes.

This is why Larry Knapp started Knapp Made Products was started in Swampscott, MA.  Their business was founded to with simple idea of designing and manufacturing kitchen products that they themselves would like to have. To do this the team Knapp searched the US and the world for the best craftsmanship they could find to produce their products. The result has been the best High Carbon Steel Chef Knives available in the US.  No shortcuts, no ultra shiny stainless steal.  Just incredible products that feel great in your hand work incredible.

Knapp Made approached Guided with a clearly defined problem - produce professional product packaging that matched the quality of their handcrafted knives and do it in run sizes of less than 1,000 (full disclosure, we actually did their first run of 250 units).  We jumped at the opportunity to work with Knapp and are now actively working to support a number of other custom packaging initiatives, including full retail display boxes, and on the business side, lending digital marketing support.

"We really enjoy being a small business and we truly believe in the products we bring to the market. Building relationships and friendships with customers and owners of cooking shops all across America is a very rewarding experience." - Larry Knapp

In the above quote from Larry, you can substitute the word 'makers' with 'customers and owners of cooking shops' and that quote would align perfectly for Guided - that's why our partnership with Knapp is so special.

For this Knife Sleeve, Guided did it soup to nuts - designed, printed, die-cut, folded, glued and fulfilled.

Check out some of Knapp Made's other products.

Packaging for the Maker

The whole process - print, die-cutting, stripping, ship flat, hand fold.....  and SELL!!!!

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Jessica Jazz
Jessica Jazz

September 13, 2018

I have read your blog its really informative.
We are also providing some services like that please have a review on them.


June 04, 2018

can I get a quote?

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