Tiana Manola Custom Jewelry Packaging

September 01, 2015

Tiana Manola Custom Jewelry Packaging

Tiana Manola is a designer and creator of hand made jewelry.  She builds each piece unique so no two are alike.  Tiana takes great pride in her quality, workmanship and delivery of every heart-made piece....and this extends all the way down to the custom packaging she uses.  Tiana has been a big fan of Guided's Custom Printed Pillow boxes to ship and retail package her necklaces and earnings.

Tiana lives in a little crazy beach town neighborhood named Three Tree Point, where the beach, surf and natural beauty inspire much of what she does.  Like many Etsy makers, Tiana has managed to grow her jewelry business while also growing her two little munchkin kids with her husband.  Tiana graduated from the University of Washington with a degrees in Visual Arts and is truly living out her dreams growing her brand.

Check out some of Tiana's stuff at TianaManola.com or shop on Etsty and support a fantastic artist.

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