Candy Packaging for Seacoast Sweets

When Kirstyn Pearl, owner of Newburyport, MA Seacoast Sweets, found Guided she was desperate - like many entrepreneurs and makers she had an incredible product but was struggling to find candy packaging to match it's quality.  It's something we see often - small and medium sized business having an idea of what they want with their custom custom packaging but unable to find good resources to take it into production.

So getting back to Kirstyn - she had a couple additional head winds coming at her.  First, while the quantities she was looking for were descent enough (1,500), she needed them spread out over 6 different versions (flavors).  The second was that she was led off course by starting down the path of sourcing her packaging from China through a large, online marketplace that recently went public and who aims to disrupt our friends down the street in Seattle, (can anyone guess who this was....wink wink).

So when Kirstyn approached us, she basically knew what she wanted and was looking for someone to help her translate that into something that was doable.....and she needed it in days not months.  What we ended up doing for Kirstyn was a beautiful heavy letterpressed and printed white recycled sleeve.  We versioned the 1,500 sleeves through print and then foil stamped them with two common hits that were consistent across all the flavors.  The result was a beautiful and rich looking sleeve that looked as good as the candy tastes!  Go check out Seacoast Sweets and buy some of the goodies.

Letterpress Tooling for Seacoast Sweets Custom Packaging Seacoast Sweets Custom Candy Packaging