Presentation Binder Package for Richter+Ratner

Boutique builder Richter+Ratner has distilled lessons from 103 years of construction experience into an integrated process for collaboration during the architectural design and pre-construction phases of any project.

The unique “T.E.A.R. Review” provides a comprehensive framework for plan analysis, as well as technical tools to foster coordination among stakeholders. By ensuring a timely evaluation of means and methods, value engineering and logistics their clients can ensure constructibility and project efficiency. 

Richter + Ratner applied these same exacting standards in designing custom binders for the T.E.A.R. Review. From physical tests to examine the quality of chipboard scoring, honing in on optimal dimensions, foil color panels and selecting binding hardware, this project leaves nothing unexamined.

The core of the presentation set is a 10.75” x 8.5” landscape binder. The front cover has the firm’s logo debossed and stamped with both their own burgundy and a smoke-colored foil. The spine is two plies of 20-pt chipboard which receive digital print before lamination and trim. We use custom jigs to fit it all together with adhesive. Project staff assemble the binders at their facility, and then it’s held together with Chicago (or ‘sex’ screws) which vary by size and style depending on audience.

After perfecting the basic BOM for these binders we have expanded the line to include a loose-bound 11” x 17” landscape folio for schematics with colorful notations from the T.E.A.R. Review process and a portrait binder in 8.5” x 11”.

As a whole these binders demonstrate incredible attention to detail integrated with a rich and organic structure and we hope they provide a physical counterpoint to the expertise and rigor that Richter+Ratner deliver for their clients.


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