Dogfish Head: My Binder is Wet!

July 15, 2015 2 min read

Dogfish Head: My Binder is Wet!

Dogfish Head needed a truly unique presentation system for their sales team and this custom foil deboss made the binder look dripping wet from one of their distinctive craft brews.

Trying to service the beer needs of an entire restaurant with a 12-gallon brew kit is no small feat. Cooking up three batches a day over propane burners was a lot of work, but it also provided the opportunity to experiment with lots of recipes. From the original Shelter Pale Ale and the handful of branded beers of the late 1990s, the brewery has continued to carve out adventurous niches. While some core brews win awards and find national distribution, this innovative brewery continues to evolve and serve up interesting and satisfying ales that off-centered folks (like Guided) love.

In order to introduce the Dogfish Head brand, year-round  brews, seasonal and occasional rarities to distributors and buyers, the team wanted a sales binder that was engaging and memorable. We worked with their designers to explore binder structures, debossing and foil stamp options. 

deep etch foil die

Once we had the layout for a custom PMS spine printing and a massive deboss of the Dogfish Head logo on the front cover, we went to work on foil color tests. Although team’s initial inclination was to do a simple ‘blind’ deboss with no foil or ink, we had a few ideas that we wanted to see in action. Well. Green, red and other colored foils were easy to dismiss, but there were some wonderful effects using semi-transparent foil. The ones we like best are a dusty ‘smoke’ color and one that effectively makes the binder look wet.

wet foil stamp binder smoke foil stamp binder

To us the wet look feels evocative of the rings on a coaster as you sip a cool brew. It’s interesting and a bit whacky, and just right for representing an iconic brewery and a team that continues to bring us some of the best craft brews. Cheers!

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