Just Because It's Fun Doesn't Mean It Isn't serious.

What if we considered our every action an experiment? What if we were poised for learning from those experiments and unexpected interactions? Would we be better and happier if we accustomed ourselves to uncertainty, and trained ourselves to adapt quickly?

These concepts and more from Deeper Funner have sparked new ways of thinking about our own business, and it has been a joy to collaborate with Deeper Funner superheroes on a custom notebook project that embodies the idea of 'serious fun'.  

Working with the team at Deeper Funner on this custom notebook project and learning about their approach to creating work  that is smart, creative and filled with purpose has sparked new ways of thinking about our own business. From working with makers as collaborators to adopting a learning-and-failing mindset, we are becoming a more adaptive organization through exposure to the work of Julie her team.

If you want to get beyond turf wars and ruffled feathers and to start thinking of change as creating, you couldn't ask for more joyous collaborators.

Just because it's fun doesn't mean it isn't serious.    -- John Cleese.

Blog thumbnail image adopted from a photo by design powerhouse Murmur Creative:

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