Barokas Foil Stamped Recycled Notebook

March 07, 2016

Barokas Foil Stamped Recycled Notebook

If Guided were a public relations agency and not the custom packaging extraordinaire we are, we would probably be like Seattle-based Barokas Public Relations. Barokas is not your typical wing-tip shoe or business casual dress wearing agency. Rather, they are a check your ego-at-the-door, ass-kicking, rock'n roll listening, no bullshit (thus the tag, PR Minus the BS) Public Relations firm for emerging technology companies. One that cares less about how typical PR works and more about energy and results. In their words from the Barokas website:

We’re not like them—the PR folks who have let you down or those you’ve heard horror stories about. We don’t bait-and-switch, take credit for things we didn’t do, mislead you about our work, or ask you to hand us news in order for us to make news. We don’t spend time promoting our agency, applying for awards, or entering PR beauty pageants. We rely on great work and an excellent reputation as our only form of promotion. In short, we’re not the ones giving the PR industry a bad rap.

Barokas has used Guided's custom screen printed recycled notebooks for years.  With this round of notebooks, Barokas was looking to make them a little edgier - still clean and simple, but unique just like them.  So we got to thinking - what's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about BPR?  Well for anyone who has met Howie Barokas, the answer was simple - Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  So the task was simple - make a recycled notebook look like a Harley :-)  Where we landed was with a shiny black on flat black chipboard, heavy pressed with copper foil dies and finished with clean lines.

Just like the stories Barokas helps their customers tell, these custom notebooks were crafted the old-school way, with heart and grit. Just like Harley's - Made in America with a little attitude, Howie approved. Rock'n Roll Baby!

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