Therapy Program Folders for Potomac Pathways

April 01, 2016

Therapy Program Folders for Potomac Pathways

Keeping teens engaged, interested and invested in their recovery from emotional struggles and substance abuse is proving to be an important contributor to better outcomes. We can't think of a better way to pursue this pathway than non-institutional and outdoor adventure settings where adolescents can interact naturally with peers and counselors, so we were very happy for the opportunity to collaborate with Potomac Pathways on a folder project for their teen and young adult programs.

From intensive outpatient programs thatAdventure Therapy Program allow patients to stay at home during treatment, to adventure travel to Tibet (or here in the Pacific Northwest!), the team at Potomac Pathways are intent on crafting smart, meaningful experiences that allow teens to keep moving forward.

Each of the three custom therapy program folders shares the logo mark branding and color palette, and three wonderful illustrations call out the unique adventuresome spirit of the firm, as well as the "First Step" and "DBT Intensive Programs".

Potomac Pathways Logo
Although custom folders may be just a small part of the patient experience at Potomac Pathways, it is clear from their attention to the details of each touch that these programs are smart and thoughtful and we're very happy to be a part.

Create your own custom folders here.

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