Athletic Apparel from Recycled Bottles with Nube9

February 14, 2017

Recycled Notebooks Nube9

When you make sportswear that makes a difference people take notice, and Seattle studio Nube9 is making moves in athletic apparel.
Nube9 sportswear embodies a cutting edge sensibility that is uncompromising in terms of technical performance. From moisture wicking and shape retention, to a soft hand and functional design, "athleisure" consumers and team uniform markets are snapping up Nube9 gear.
But this is no ordinary brand. Nube9 uses post-consumer plastic bottles as a primary ingredient in creating these soft poly knits.
By walking the walk of using recycled materials and closed-loop manufacturing here in the USA, Nube9 has tapped into a generation that is searching for brands to stand up for deep values of sustainability.
And, because the products lead with great looks, form and function they create an opening to encouraging mindful consumption.
We wanted to make a product that looked great, felt great and inspired them to think about their recycling habits."
- Ruth True, Founder Nube9

Tools for mindful design


When the creative and caffeinated crew at Nube9 needed a notebook for sketches, prototypes and web mockups, the classic ReWrite notebook was an obvious choice. Emblazoned with the Nube9 logo in either metallic gold or opaque white pigment, the notebooks are standing by when inspiration strikes or when they need to communicate a nuanced point during a design meeting.

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