Small Business Packaging for South African Inspired Snack

February 26, 2019 3 min read

Small Business Packaging for South African Inspired Snack

What is BLOK Biltong?

Often compared to jerky, it is anything but. The unique marinating, spicing and cool air-drying process creates an artisanal snack that retains more nutrients and is more tender and flavorful. Many of BLOK’s key product attributes fit well within certain diets such as Keto, Paleo, No Sugar, and No Carb.

Biltong is derived from the Dutch words ‘bil’ (meaning rump as in rump steak) and ‘tong’ (meaning strip or slice). So basically, it is a direct translation of rump steak slices. Blok is the Dutch word for block as in cutting block.

Why all the Dutch words?

Because, biltong was invented as a simple, all-natural meat preservation method in the 17th century when the European (mainly Dutch and French Huguenots) seafarers settled in the “new world” in Southern Africa.

The BLOK Story

BLOK Biltong is Jarret Stopforth’s life journey captured in a food product. Wholesomeness from simple ingredients in a transparent, honest, natural and authentic brand.

Growing up in South Africa, biltong was more than just a snack, it was a staple. It was not uncommon for me to be teething on a slab of biltong as a toddler. As an adult, biltong featured in most social gatherings: with a cold beer, paired with wine and cheese, or simply as a high-protein snack.

Jarret has spent the past 18 years in product innovation, development and quality guiding both high growth food and beverage brands and overseeing product streams for some of the largest CPG brands in the world including Campbell Soup and Chobani to name a few. Throughout this journey Jarret has always maintained a dogma that good food can be just that, GOOD, both in terms of taste and nutrition and when passion is your driver, you don't need to sacrifice either.

Guided + BLOK

The partnership between Guided and BLOK started as a simple discussion about boxes and matured into more of a mentorship. Discussions touched everything from sales and marketing to ecommerce order processing, shipping, and logistics. Guided’s Chief Maker, David Stober, gave counsel on everything from food packaging to recycled business cards and other print forms. Basically anything related to small business print and packaging.

BLOK’s main goal was to move fast, to be dynamic in the way the company interacts with direct customers and potential wholesale clients. They also wanted their packaging to reflect the virtues of the product and the brand.

We spent a considerable amount of time optimizing sample packs for BLOK’s influencer and affiliate partners. Like the ingredients in BLOK Biltong, the design was intended to be minimalistic as well as rich, so we used a recycled mailer box with a mesmerizing blue foil stamp. Filled with the colorful BLOK pouches that feature artwork from a Zimbabwean artist, the result was a powerful packaging statement that was just perfect. Both the boxes and pouches are recyclable, tying back into BLOK’s virtues of all-natural wholesomeness.

BLOK is a wonderful example of a business successfully going from zero to 60. In a mere five months, Jarret turned his idea into a fully developed brand and shipped product. All with a little Guided help to take care of the small business print and packaging so that the BLOK team could focus on their goals.


Grab a box of BLOK’s high protein biltong, recycle that packaging, and let Guided give you a better print and packaging experience to push your brand to the next level.

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