Classic Tools for the Future of Work

August 12, 2016

Classic Tools for the Future of Work

Finding a competitive edge for employment opportunities in the 21st Century economy can be dizzying, even for digital natives.

General Assembly has become a global education powerhouse not just through technology instruction such as data science and programing, but by crafting programs that help foster connectedness and wholistic preparation for ‘hybrid jobs’ which blend in the need for synthesis, design and business acumen.

So, while GA's campus-focused model is a testament to the importance of the social experience of educational communities, their choice of the classic ReWrite embraces HOW we learn. Note taking, creative collaboration and even absentminded doodling all help our brains take hold of new ideas. Using the physical notebook as a welcome gift honors this deep nature of learning.

We love the fact that General Assembly has embraced the humble ReWrite notebook as a symbolic welcome gift as people join their education communities in pursuit of work they love.

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