Custom Necklace Packaging that's Devoted to the Ocean

We are proud to support Devocean, a non-profit clothing and jewelry business that is unequivocally “devoted to the sea.” They define conservational devotion as an unyielding commitment to environmentalism and to supporting the earth as it has supported us for millennia. Their goal is to support and to save the ocean’s sea turtles one piece of jewelry and clothing at a time. While they are a small business and not-for-profit, their efforts, and the effects of these efforts, are as powerful as the ocean they work to preserve. For every necklace, sweatshirt, bracelet, cap, and ring that they sell, they donate 20% of their net profits to the FAU Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and to Friends of Gumbo Limbo, both of which, as the FAU Marine Research Lab writes, are “beacon(s) for environmental education, research, and conservation.” As allies of these centers, Devocean has been harnessing the retail market and channeling it into environmental activism since 2015.

Devocean came to us as a Shopify customer in need of custom fold over necklace packaging. Their necklaces, and all of their products, harken back to a longstanding, deep love of the sea and the lifeforms it supports. These necklaces are distinctly marine in nature, a perfect example of how cause, brand, and economic demand can exist in equilibrium. So it makes sense that Devocean would need their packaging to co-exist with the environment they’ve already created, an environment based on love of the earth and an urgent need to conserve it. We helped them meet that need by creating custom-made 4 3/8" x 2 1/4" fold-over cards, digitally printed on a thick natural white uncoated stock.

Devocean Jewelry

The little things matter—necklaces add up to funds, enough funds add up to the ability to donate to foundations such as the Gumbo Limbo Nature center. These donations add up to a large helping hand in marine education and research, which creates to a better understanding of marine ecosystems. That understanding leads to new ways to help ecosystems prosper, and helping marine ecosystems prosper leads to a healthier earth. We are so proud to be able to play a role in Devocean’s system, and thus the ecosystem, and honored to support them in making a difference.

Devocean Brand