Custom Product Catalog for Gus* Modern

July 29, 2016 1 min read

Custom Product Catalog for Gus* Modern

Whether you're designing a breakout room to facilitate small group building and collaboration, or in need of a minimalist space to spark creativity and contemplation, Gus* Modern's furnishings distill a modern design aesthetic that is both beautiful and functional. 

While this sensibility is most clearly reflected in the furnishings they create, this established Canadian brand took the opportunity to refresh their logo and identity during the Spring debut of the High Point collections.

When Gus* sought a custom product catalog to support it's network of furniture retailers, they chose the 1.5" ReBinder Select for it's minimalist, practical form and honest materials. With a bold 2-color screen print, this product specification catalog echoes the simplicity and purpose-driven design of the furniture itself.

Gus* makes modern furniture simple.

gus* moderen furniture made simple

Photo Credits: Gus* Modern

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