Open a Box of Relaxation with Denali Fragrance

March 05, 2019 3 min read

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Custom Denali Candle Boxes

Their Story

Denali was created by husband and wife team, Shane and Jennifer Bowen. Having spent most of their careers working for some of the biggest names in technology and retail it became increasingly obvious that something was missing for most people - relaxation and connection.

In January of 2018 they looked at each other and realized something in their lives had to change. So they decided to build a company that brought them closer to each other and to their community. Jennifer and Shane settled on candles because of a personal connection with them from a big role they played early on in their relationship. Everyone needs a few moments to just relax, connect and escape each day and candles can help set that mood.

One thing many people don't realize is that we didn't make candles as a hobby and then decide to make a business out of it. We walked away from our former careers and jumped into this 100%.

So, they dove in and set the launch date of Denali Home Fragrance for April 18, their anniversary. Shane and Jennifer worked night and day to craft the perfect candle, create their brand, and figure out all the backend operations and marketing necessary to get started. April came and went. It took them until September 6th to feel like they had a product they could be proud of and that truly delivered on the simple elegance that they were after. But, with the support of their family and friends as well as a big leap of faith, they opened Denali Home Fragrance and have never looked back.

What has kept them motivated and their business thriving is community and momentum. Through Denali they have met amazing customers, makers, business owners, and more. These relationships keep them going. They learned that,

Momentum breeds momentum. When you get complacent, business slows down. When you keep grinding, business keeps flowing. But we’re weird, we love to work.

That love is reflected in the candles they create. Denali reflects their passions and values: simple design, appreciation of well made things and a belief that we all deserve a little luxury and relaxation in our lives. They’ve designed Denali products to go deeper than just great scents that fill your home, their hope is that they bring a little extra beauty into your space and a whole lot of meaning into the memories you create there. Because home is where we relax and recharge our batteries, connect with loved ones and create memories.

Denali Candle and Box

Denali candles are hand-crafted, using a premium quality, proprietary coconut wax blend formulated to burn cleaner and produce superior scent throw versus its soy and paraffin counterparts. Only high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils are used with natural cotton wicks, designed to fill your space with the true notes of the scent.

Guided + Denali

Simple elegance is the cornerstone of the Denali brand. Everything they create is guided by this, from their white coconut wax to their crystal clear vessels with minimal labeling. They have set out to create a candle that can fit any decor.

Their boxes are a large part of their aesthetic and set them apart from the typical jar candles on the market. Being new to manufacturing, they wanted as many local suppliers as possible so that they could visit in person and develop a relationship. After researching online, they started calling down the list, asking questions and requesting samples.

Guided stood out from the crowd because they weren't trying to sell us on how great they were, they were trying to help us have a great product. David was patient with us, gave a tour of the factory, helped us make informed decisions about paper weight, quantities etc based on our business goals and budget - not his own bottom line. From start to finish the straight talk and guidance has been invaluable to us.

Denali has been a customer since last June, ordering two different sizes of custom candle boxes that fit into their vision of simple elegance.

Sometimes you just have to dream big and go for it. Take a moment with a Denali candle to find inspiration and get started on your dream. Then, give us a call so we can get you the right print and packaging for your business.

Denali Candles 2 Sizes

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Peggy Mason
Peggy Mason

June 13, 2019

I was referred to you by a Druid Hills Neighborhood Assoc. Pres. I am seeking an invoice quote for 100-250 bound booklets 10pgs. front & back total 20pgs. in color coil binding. sent to email provided as soon as possible, also a customer contact number. Thank you, Peggy Mason, pres.

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