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February 07, 2017

General Assembly Custom Boxes and Packaging

General Assembly is one of those customers that we should actually be paying to be able to do work for.  They are pretty much the cool kids on the block - the ones that so many others are trying to be like. Even their domain name is pretty cool with the dot ly.

Their short short manifesto is that they are trying to bridge the global skills gap.  The longer version is that they are pioneering eduction and career transformation, focusing on today's most in-demand jobs and skills - in and around tech.  They do this in  community and sort of co-op fashion.

Started in 2011 as a co-working space, GA has since grown to 20 cities and over 35,000 graduates worldwide.

GA has been a long-time customer of Guided using many of our speciality branding products and custom packaging including custom printed pocket folders, screen printed notebooks and custom boxes.  As a values driven brand, GA find our natural and recycled boxes, folders and boxes to perfectly align with their brand.

Wen you see a the GA brand you know what you are getting - community driven, focused training for the new economy.  When that brand is paired with our unique and minimalistic packaging, magic happens :-)

General Assembly Custom Packaging and Branding Tools




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