Mailer Box Sets with Heartisans Marketplace

January 04, 2017

Guided Custom Mailer Box Heartisans Marketplace

We take pride in the fact that great deal of our work supports thousands of Guided customers doing inspiring work in non-profits, churches and mission driven businesses.

Heartisans Marketplace is a heartwarming example, and we'd love it if you would join in in supporting their efforts. 

The organization operates six skill-focused studios focused on letterpress, computers, sewing, handwork and handcraft, and health-and-beauty products, so participantsemerge from training prepared for employment with local manufacturing partners.

By providing real training in marketable manufacturing skills, this volunteer-driven organization helps provide unemployed women a path forward towards self-sufficiency.

Even better for you, the Heartisans Marketplace community creates wonderful products available for sale at their retail location and a lovely new website. You should check out the apparel, ‘vintage’ journals and letterpress coaster lines before jumping on one of the great Guided-made gift boxes!

 Men's Gift Box Heartisans Food Box Baby Gift Box Spa Box


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