Metal Comb Works Matchbox Style Custom Packaging

Metal Comb Works is a designer and maker of artisan metal combs and everyday accessories.  Coming to you live from San Marcos, California Jeff Grant the owner and head maker prides the company on building products that are crafted to last a lifetime.

Metal Comb Works stumbled into Guided looking for a unique piece of packaging to showcase their beautiful combs. They were looking for something that was minimalistic but yet rich to the feel - very much like their combs.  Jeff was a big fan of  old school match boxes and thought that a funky little box like that would pair nicely with the artisan combs.  We couldn't have agreed more.

So we combined a think 24pt black uncoated folding board with a matt silver deep etched foil stamp to achieve the final product.  It's comes as a two piece with glued outer 'sleeve' with unglued simplex tray.
Metal Comb Works Built to Last a Lifetime Metal Comb Works Custom Packaging Custom Packaging Made in USA

Help Support a Maker

Looking to support the Metal Comb Works latest Kickstarter - and a wonderful artisan maker and brand, you have until June 14, 2017.