NeighborWorks America Creating Opportunities and Building Communities

February 25, 2017

NeighborWorks Training Binders

NeighborWorks America's mission is to create opportunties for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities.  In looking at that statement and applying a little Golden Circle, it all really distills into one core mission or 'Why' - improving lives - from this all other qualities come as a bi-product and communities and people's lives become enriched.

NeighborWorks Building Communities

On the surface one might think - wow, where could an organization like NeighborWorks even begin to work towards that end.  How would they be able to measure success? How will they be able to tell if it's really making a difference?  Well, after having worked with NeighborWorks for now 10 years, we can attest to the fact that they have and continue to figure this out.  They are changing lives for the good.  Building communities. And helping build a stronger Nation.

It's with passion, vision and a true purpose, bipartisan NeighborWorks and their network partners roll up their sleeves every day and help build communities.  They do this through training services in the areas of economic development, non-profit leadership, housing, organizational development, counseling and education, and the list goes on.  These trainings are for both community leaders, professionals, and those upstart younger professionals who have a goal of making a difference.

NeighborWorks America Works Book

We have been lucky enough to play albeit small, but key roll in NeighborWorks America's business by supplying them with custom printed recycled binders for their training.  We also provide recycled presentation materials like custom screen printed pocket folders, recycled tab dividers and labels.  

Neighborworks America Custom Recycled Binder

We have always felt incredibly fortunate to work with an organization like and we thrilled we continue to play a small roll in their success..... because their success results in the success of communities all across America.

Learn more about NeighborWorks America and get involved.... it feels great!

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