Organic Dog Treats Packaging for Benji's Farm

February 14, 2017

Guided Benji Benji's Farm Dog Treat Custom Boxes

We get amped by taking ordinary categories - the common binder, shipping boxes - and totally reimagining what's possible using real craftsmanship and honest materials.
Our friends at Benji's Farm are on a similar quest to help the dogs in our lives have the best possible life, by giving them nothing but the best possible food.
When we met Rocky and the Benji's Farm crew they needed a step up from a stop-gap solution of a 'kraft looking' plastic bag and cheap printed label. The new boxes needed to be unique to Benji's Farm, featuring a paw-print view hole and custom printing to highlight the benefits of each variety - Smiley, Hippy, Tummy, Sleepy, Spunky and Brainy. The trick was to get all this in a small order... just 200 boxes for each of the 6 versions!
We loved Benji's vision for dog treats formulated simple from plants and organic ingredients, and wanted to collaborate on a new box design so they could test the market with the new box style. If we both put a little 'skin in the game' - Benji's with a little $ scratch and Guided with design iterations, shipping prototypes, new tooling and a short, flexible production run - we could really grow together over the long term.
Things really clicked! From a package that people grabbed off the shelf and a product hit the mark, Benji's Farm dog treats really resonated with customers. From a modest initial batch and increasing orders over the year, all stars seemed to align.
"We consider Ron and the Guided group a part of our "Extended Team". We feel as though they view us as partners rather than customers. Our orders are small, our minds are never made up and we always need our product ASAP. Luckily the team at guided not only accept these issue but go the extra mile to make us happy. We are glad to have such a great support system to help us grow our company.
- Rocky Graziose, Co-Owner Benji's Farm, LLC
Today, exactly one year later, Benji's Farm is outgrowing the short-run digital techniques and hand-fulfillment, but that doesn't mean any compromise on values. The team has the same unwavering focus on organic ingredients and insists on a sustainable approach to packaging, even when using high-end lithographic printing and a more mature fulfillment system.
Guided Custom Boxes - Pet Food Packaging
If you've got a doggy that could use a little more wiggle, please check out Benji's Farm online or at a shop near you.
If you're ready to step up your packaging game with a unique custom box, take a peek at our structural design and prototyping 'product', or just give us a shout using the chat widget below. We'd love to hear what you're working on!
Guided Custom Packaging for Benji's Farms Dog Food

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