Organized Binder - Custom Binders to Enhance Noncognitive Skills

January 31, 2017

Organized Binder - Custom Binders to Enhance Noncognitive Skills

Do you believe that the students with the highest test scores will go on to be the most successful, or even happiest, people as adults? 

No. Of course not.

It is now clear that IQ alone isn't the only thing required to attain success, however you define it. Attaining high office, building an empire, achieving everlasting bliss, or otherwise putting a dent the universe takes grit, determination, self-control, optimism, adaptability and other non-cognitive skills contribute a great deal to successful life outcomes.

There is a growing body of research and assessment tools which help us understand the linkage between improving these non-cognitive skills to life and academic achievement.

Our friends at Organized Binder have harnessed this research and the lessons learned through years of teaching in a new classroom-based framework which brings structure and meaning to the routines of learning. 

Some people refer to this as exposing the 'hidden curriculum' of the classroom.

From the core binder product to online guides, webinars, surveys and other tools, Organized Binder tailors the tools and systems to the needs of K-12, college and even nontraditional academic settings to ensure that the each student and community has support suited to their needs.

Organized Binder Printing
We love working with Mitch and the Organized Binder team, and feedback from the teaching community takes it over the top:
We had our official kick-off event at the college yesterday and the professors went nuts for the binders! They LOVE them. I have been keeping one in hand for all trainings and school visits and everywhere I go we are getting the same reaction.

 Organized Binder Outcomes

Design your own custom printed 1" recycled binder here.


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