Revolutionizing Oral Healthcare with Chocolate and Boxes

August 07, 2018 2 min read

Theodent Custom Toothpaste Packaging

Yes indeed, we are talking about toothpaste made from Chocolate . . . Hallelujah!!

Their Story

The toothpaste is called Theodent and it contains no fluoride. Instead it uses a proprietary blend of natural cocoa extract and other minerals called Rennou to strengthen and harden tooth enamel.

Once in a century, industry experiences a technological breakthrough that is truly revolutionary and changes not only the way we think, but the way things are done. For oral care that time is now!

Developers say the toothpaste offers an alternative to consumers who worry about consuming fluoride, which has been associated with a number of health conditions, including thyroid disorders and bone disease.

Guided + Theodent

The inventor and CEO of Theodent is Arman Sadeghpour. Similar to how Apple approaches their packaging, Arman takes his passion and pursuit of the perfect toothpaste and extends that to everything that touches his brand in a retail setting.  At Guided our print and packaging task was pretty simple - keep up with Arman's incredibly high standards and just make the perfect custom packaging to pair with his perfect toothpaste. Sounds easy right?

To showcase Theodent, Arman has built the brand on four pillars:

  1. Rich and thick mahogany colored textured board
  2. Rich and thick cream colored board
  3. Copper foil stamping
  4. Deep embossed affects

These four items have extended to all types of retail boxes, point of purchase displays, gift bags and now we are moving it to folders and other presentation materials used to help sell their product.

Guided Custom Foil Stamping and Packaging - Thedoent

As business builders ourselves, we take a ton of pleasure in growing with brands from dreams through to commercial success. But, every so often you come across a really special one that feels like you are strapping yourself to a rocket, aimed for the stars. Theodent is certainly on of those rockets, having gone from a few thousand boxes here and there to more than tens of thousands (of course, we can't disclose the real number, but it's a lot.)

It's been an absolute pleasure to support Arman and Theodent on this journey to rid the world of boring, run-of-the-mill fluoride toothpaste. We are looking forward to scaling with this growth and pairing the perfect print and packaging experience every step of the way.

Go try out this wondrous chocolate toothpaste for yourself and marvel at the perfection of the box it comes in.


Theodent Toothpaste Packaging

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