From Church Basement to Global Social Enterprise

November 22, 2016 2 min read

Thistle Farmers

Radical, extravagant hospitality to break the cycle of abuse

Their Story

Thistle Farms began as a recovery home and sanctuary for women to escape cycles of trafficking, prostitution, addiction and abuse. At its heart is the power of radical, extravagant hospitality, where residents find stable, long-term housing, medical and dental treatment, drug rehab, therapy and community.

While each home is reliant on residents to shape its community and shared household tasks, they impose no costs on participants. Early on, the path to sustainability for the community - and towards economic independence for individuals - began by making candles in a church basement.

From these humble beginnings bloomed an entire line of natural bath and body products which provides employment opportunities for 50 people directly and another 1000+ through global partners. Together, the residential program, bustling Thistle Stop Cafe, the studios and other social enterprise endeavors, the Thistle Farm community embodies a powerful, loving force that is truly inspiring.

candle making

Out of the basement

Guided + Thistle Farms

This combination of deep meaning and hand-made premium ingredients has brought Thistle Farms bath and body products to over 400 stores across the country, and the reach continues to grow. With this growth means the need for retail packaging. The low minimums and short-run manufacturing here at Guided allows for the flexibility that small organizations, such as Thistle Farms, require in order to successfully implement a packaging plan while only just beginning to scale up. Being able to support organizations such as Thistle Farms is part of why Guided does what it does. Better products, better quality of life, better community, better future.

From a great e-commerce and unboxing experience to shelf placement with natural retail chains that you know well, the community is bursting at the seams. We're so happy to be working with Thistle Farms as they scale their operations and impact. We encourage you to explore Thistle Farms bath and body products, to have a direct connection with, and impact on, this wonderful community.

Assembled by Hand

Shop Thistle Farms to support their mission. We are particularly fond of the gift sets which are packaged in hand assembled Guided custom mailer boxes.

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