Values: REI Custom Printed Recycled Binder Product Guides

I would argue that you can tell more about a person or organization not by their big their acts, accomplishments or programs, but rather more by their every day.  Sure it's nice to solve massive programs with gigantic fan fare.  But what happens the other 99% of the day or year where the spotlight isn't on them?  Where they are just going about their daily lives.

There are certain organizations where you know the big ones and daily match.  Where you can watch them on a daily basis and know for certain their big press worthy accomplishments match how they wake up every day, brush their teeth, make their beds or not, and treat other human beings and the planet.

Most of us can cherry pick a few brands we feel really good about and who we take at their word for.  For me, one of them is REI.  Sure they have their incredible store with quality and ethically sourced products inside.  Sure they have classes that in part promote great stewardship of the planet.  Yes they have their wildly successful Opt Outside Marketing program.  But what most people don't see is what happens inside the walls of corporate.  What they discuss in their organizational meetings.  How they go about sourcing their every day supplies, office products and marketing materials.  You know, the stuff behind the scenes that nobody sees.

I don't claim to have insider information and I certainly have never done a covert op to prove or disprove REI as pillar or fraud.  But what I can share is that if they spend half the amount on other dealings as they did sourcing their product guides we made for them out of our Recycled Binders, then they are doing pretty well.

We should all celebrate organizations like REI for their quality and values and not taking the most traveled road. Their values will get them there though.