Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Box that Pops

In retail the battle for the consumer is usually won or lost within about 1.5 seconds when someone walks by.  Admittedly that 1.5 seconds is usually a bit longer for gamers but that is also countered with a demand for super high-end packaging as a collectible.

XenoBlade Chronicles X for the Wii by Nintendo is one of those collectible box sets.  This special edition set was built from a thick 20PT board with litho print..... and that's when the fun started.  To finish Guided built an incredible 11" x 8" multi-level emboss and foil dies.  We three-passed this job hitting it will foil, then emboss and then final die-cut.  To finish the box was run through our automated folder gluer.

The texture and feel was top notch - really jumping out at consumers in a retail setting.  These are types of jobs our craftsmen and women die for.  Incredibly challenging but when you hold the box after it's done, it's all worth it.

Thanks ColorGraphics for the opportunity to be awesome!

Nintendo Wii XenoBlad Chronicles Custom Retail Box