How Thick is 13-Point Stock?

April 14, 2016 1 min read

How thick is 13pt stock

This morning, Murphy wrote in to ask:

"How thick is the 13pt card stock?

I’m curious about the thickness of the dividers you carry and am trying to compare what the equivalent may be.

Is 13-point the same as .013? How would 13-point compare to .022 thickness?


 Great question, Murphy!

"Points" is shorthand for the a caliper measurement in thousandths of an inch. Therefore 13pt = 0.013 inches and 22pt = 0.022 inches.

Our house stocks are 13pt, 16pt and 20pt, with occasional availability of 18pt, 35pt and 91pt and others on special order.
If your custom packaging project contemplates using our brown kraft chipboard, we'll make sure you receive samples with the appropriate thickness so you understand what you're getting.




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