Paper or Plastic? - Neither!

February 10, 2009 1 min read

plastic bag in a tree

Plastic - it's everywhere. I couldn't walk out my front door yesterday without seeing one of those horrible plastic grocery bags hanging from my tree as a result of Seattle's last wind storm. It's great to see that many shoppers are starting to bring their own bags with them to the store instead of taking home a "throw away bag". The past couple of years has spawned a reusable bag craze for stores and while the idea is there, many of them don't consider the effects of disposing of the reusable bag. Bad options for reusable bags... virgin plastic or nylon. Instead, try an organic cotton bag or one that's made from thread from recycled soda bottles.

I picked up a couple of bags a few years ago made from old sails from a sail manufacturer. They are durable, fashionable and functionable; plus, I'm supporting a company that diverted a scrap material that would have gone into a landfill. Next, when buying produce get into the habit of not grabbing another plastic bag to put your apples in for the 5 minute drive home. There are some great reusable organic cotton bags that you can bring with you if you need a bag. I always have 4 or 5 different bags in my car so I don't forget them for quick trips to the grocery store and my grocery store gives me $.05 off of my groceries for every bag I bring with me. Don't forget your bag.

reusable bag

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