Repurpose it! - The Cardboard Shredder

February 18, 2009

cardboard shredder

 Boy, do I love recycled cardboard! Not only can you turn recycled cardboard into great products like our ReBinder, but now you can make great usable packing materials from your waste. Turn your old recycled corrugatedshipping boxes into useful packing material. The Cushion Pack Cardboard Shredder takes 1/4 inch corrugated board and turns it into a soft, honeycomb packing material. Starting around $2,000 for one of these machines, there's nothing like turning waste into profits. Why spend money on packing paper and bubble wrap when you're sending your old boxes to your recycler? More companies shipping products should make the investment into a machine like this! The box in a box! 

shredded cardboard packaging


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