Love Letter to Al Gore

February 21, 2009

al gore

I remember in middle school spending countless hours writing letters to Hall of Fame baseball players asking them for their autograph. Every day, I'd toss three or four letters in the mailbox with a self addressed stamped envelope and a hand written note to some of baseball's greats. Many of the letters I sent were never answered.

There were a few that actually took the time to write back or send me their autograph. All that effort was worth the reward in the end. After all, to win the lottery the first step is buying the ticket. Fast forward to the year 2007.... In the wake of Al Gore's shocking the world with the movie "Inconvenient Truth", I read an article that Vice President Gore had pledged to train 1,000 people about the effects of climate change. It was clear that his movie had moved the masses but individually training messengers from around the country could help others learn about Global Warming. I knew that my company, Sustainable Group, manufactured great recycled products that could help deliver Gore's environmental message.

What would be the chance that he would even get my letter? More than writing to Santa - I hoped! I ended up putting a box together of our best products and included a letter to Vice President Gore telling him about all the great products we were making. I even went on to say, if he was planning passing out binders or collateral to his class of 1,000 participants the ReBinder should be his first choice. I finished the letter with; "The first case (of binders) is on us - the rest is on your conscious." (thanks Mom, for the quote...)

Sure enough, within three weeks of sending the package we got our first order for two pallets of 3 ring binders. Everyone that went through his training class got a ReBinder. To this day, we still get calls from people and companies that went through Gore's class and are now using our products because of it.

Let's just say that it was worth the $8.00 in shipping and the fifteen minutes to write the letter. Thanks Al!

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