Good Hygiene

shampoo bar

The past couple of years I have really tried to limit the amount of products I purchase with unnecessary packaging.

It's great that my recycle bin is more full than my trash can, but this still accounts for more waste. It's amazing the amount of money you can save by buying products in "bulk" verses in their packaging. I just bought oatmeal last night and instead of buying the Quaker Oats canister. I opted to fill a bag from the bulk bin at a fraction of the cost. Spices are another great way to save buying in bulk. Sure, buying that glass bottle of oregano is convenient, but we're talking $4 verses $.40 buying the same product in the bulk bin. Food can be a little easier to find but how about shampoo and shaving cream? Before there was liquid soap, shampoo and shaving cream were only available in a bar form. There are still a few companies that make shampoo bars and shaving soap and the quality is just as good, if not better than the liquid/foam counterpart.

I've been using both a shampoo bar and a shaving cream bar and brush for the past three months and still have a ton left over! Plus, the packaging on each of these is limited to just a paper wrapper around the outside verses a shampoo plastic bottle (that never gets refilled) or an aerosol can of shaving cream (that can't be easily recycled).

Just think if 400 of our Sustainable Groupies switched to a shampoo bar and shaving soap bar how much additional packaging we wouldn't have to dispose of!

shaving soap bar