New CFLs with Prepaid Shipping & Recycling

April 28, 2009 1 min read

waste management's CFLs
Waste Management's new CFLs
We tip our hats to Waste Management who recently took the lead on selling Earthmate CFL Light bulbs in a resealable box that doubles as a postage paid return shipping box.  The upside to CFL bulbs is that they last longer, save energy, money and don't produce heat like traditional incandescent bulbs.  The downside is that CFLs contain mercury and shouldn't be tossed in the garbage.   
Each Earthmate box comes with their patented "Vapor Lock" sealed bag to keep contaminants from leaking during shipping. 
I love the idea. Years ago, I swapped out all the bulbs in my house  to CFLs.  One CFL I have had for at least 6 years.  My worry is that in 6 to 8 years I'm going to be tearing apart my basement trying to find the postage paid box.
Consider other companies like Home Depot that have free drop off bins for  CFL bulb recycling and the cost of purchasing CFLs is quite a bit cheaper.

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