Carnival of The Green

April 28, 2009


clark griswold

Hold the Green Cotton Candy, Natural Clown Make-up and Cage Free Animals.... Carnival of the Green has nothing to do with bumper cars, ferris wheels or roller coasters.  Sustainable Group (manufacturer of the world's greenest office supplies) is proud to host this week's edition (#177) of the Carnival of the Green, a weekly traveling blog series that collects great green content from a variety of sites to bring together in one place... Sit back, read and enjoy the ride! ****************** Organic Health gives us tips on How to Start An Organic Garden .

The Greenest Dollar reminds us that many women don't think about how much waste they produce with pads and tampons. Learn why the Diva Cupis so eco friendly, and why it's so fabulous. Being overweight is bad for the environment as well as your health, according to a study released today, but does obesity cause Global Warming? Sexy pinups demonstrate environmental awareness- an Earth Day special on The Pinup Blog. The Back Yard Grower tells us that Gardening blogs and websites abuzz over Food Safety Bill.

Earth Day Resolutions from a Big City Country Girl.

Guffly says that Bamboo Suits for men aren't the only eco friendly suits around.

There's more that meets the eye... a review on Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara.

Medin City Indonesia cleans up its act on Earth Day.

Woman Tribune provides some easy to do stepson Earth Day.

Green Cleaning:  There is no easier way to start making your home more environmentally friendly than by considering the substances that you use to maintain it.

Given Pending Building Emission Regulation NAA Highlights Government Incentives for Apartment Owners .

Fake Plastic Fish reminds us that it's never too late to make you Less Plastic Pledge. Choosing products that are reusable is always the better option!

Sharp Brains - Improving the World and one's brain at the same time.

Veggie RevolutionMonkey moms give into tantrums when others are watching!

Solar Energy Tax Credit - Will You Install Solar Panels ?

May 15th is Bike to Work Day. If you’ve got a bike, hop on and join people all across the U.S. to cut down on air pollutants by biking instead of driving. Body + Soul Magazine says people save an average of 60 pounds of air pollutants each trip to/from work.

Lynn from Organic Mania shares some tips she learned to reduce her fuel consumption by nearly 10 miles per gallon!


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