Ban the Foam

May 07, 2009

New replacement to the styrofoam tray

I'm not one to order much takeout, but teriyaki in Seattle has always come in a styrofoam to-go container.  Seattle put in a ban of styrofoam and plastic bags for restaurants and grocery stores.  It's still questionable about the enforcement with local restaurants. 

I'm happy to report that there's now two teriyaki places (that I know of ) that have switched from non recyclable styrofoam (polystyrene) to polypropylene. 

The bad thing is that it's still plastic and this particular container was labeled on the outside with a  misleading name called "EarthChoice".  The good thing is that you can recycle these in Seattle and in other municipalities that accept a #5 Plastic.  Seattle just started accepting #5 plastics including those plastic deli trays.  

The  person working the counter at Yosuko's Teriyaki couldn't answer my question whether the trays were compostable or recyclable.  I could see that  all just went into one big trash can - shame, shame...  She did tell me that corporate was the one that ordered these containers for all three of their locations.  We can only hope that this is a start in forward thinking. There are some great compostable options made from paper and sugar cane fibers that could be composted with organic waste with your city pickup. 

Food waste wouldn't need to be removed from the containers and customers would have the choice throw it in your green yard waste bin at home or at one set up at the restaurant.  Until that happens, I'll be reusing my recyclable clamshell for packing my lunch tomorrow! To stay on top of the styrofoam and plastic bag ban in Seattle, be sure to check out Foam Free Seattle.

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