Styrofoam Recycling

June 04, 2009

styrofoam robot

Nothing makes me feel more guilty than when I purchase a computer, or some other electronic device, and it comes packed in a styrofoam igloo!  It's harder than hell to recycle, it takes up my entire trash bin, and I know it's going to be around forever.  

The good news is that some companies, like Dell Corporation,  are switching to more environmental alternatives like molded recycled fiber inserts instead of styrofoam. As for those companies still packing their products in styrofoam, perhaps the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers can help  relieve some of that guilt.  The AFPR has put together a list of approved drop off locations that will take your old styrofoam blocks and use them in making new styrofoam.  Unfortunately, these drop locations are not available in all states - namely my state (Washington). 

It's always best if you can reuse your old styrofoam, as in shipping a care package to a friend.  See if the AFPR has a drop location in their state and send them the address of where they can recycle it.  :) As for those styrofoam peanuts.... they are much easier to recycle and reuse

Most UPS Stores and mailing centers will accept them if they are clean and bagged.  After all, it's a cost savings to them if they can reuse them.  Starch based peanuts have been around for years and work as well as their foam counterparts, but they can be dissolved in warm water with little to no environmental impact.

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