Meet the Green Police - The FTC

green police car

Research has shown that 70% of today's consumers will choose  products that are better for the environment, provided they perform adequately and they fit their budget.   Undoubtedly, people want to do the right thing and the race is on for mainstream consumer product manufacturers to grab some of that market share.   

The result has been a "free for all" of claims on products being "green", "eco friendly", "biodegradable", "sustainable" and the list goes on... The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) realizes that many of these claims are not valid and can be deceptive to the consumer.  The FTC last published a list of Green Guides back in 1992 and it's reported that a new revision is due out this year. 

Product manufacturers and retailers should be weary as the policing has begun.  Just the other day, Kmart was slapped with a "fake green" claim on their private label paper plates (American Fare).  The "false and unsubstantiated claim" they were marketing suggested that their paper plates were biodegradable with no supporting documentation.  Kmart was required to remove the biodegradable claim from their products. I'm sure this is one of many accusations to come.  We can only hope that the truth will prevail followed by less consumer confusion.