Karmaboxx Will Move You!

July 27, 2009

karmaboxx moving

Moving any time soon?  Just the thought of moving brings on anxiety.  Besides just organizing, packing, donating and disposing of your unwanted items;  there's the box to deal with.  You can spend the day going to grocery and liquor stores asking for their old boxes, hit Craigslist looking for recycled cardboard boxes or call Karmaboxx

Karmaboxx is a Seattle based company that takes some of the hassle out of your move, while saving you time money and boxes.  

No  more calling friends that you haven't spoken with in years, asking them if they can help you move.  Granted, you still have to pack the boxes, but Karmaboxx delivers the boxes to you but they also pick them up and deliver them to your destination. Karmaboxx's are made from recycled plastic and have a much longer shelf-life than traditional cardboard boxes. 

They are easy to stack, weatherproof and easy to move with their built in handles.  And if that wasn't enough, Karmaboxx gives back 2% of their gross sales to local charities.

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