Block Styrofoam Recycling Now Available in Seattle

July 30, 2009 1 min read


Great News For Seattle.   IKEA in Renton is now a drop off location for all block Styrofoam.  A special thanks to V&G Styro Recycle for helping remove Styrofoam from our landfills.  Pick ups can also be arranged for larger quantities.  Here's the deal; Styrofoam (block, chunks, bagged peanuts, etc) must be clean and free of debris such as cardboard, film, staples or nails are all accepted at the IKEA drop off location.  Be sure to save all the block Styrofoam from the new televisions, computers and electronics that used to fill up your garbage can.  Spread the word to your friends making special trips to IKEA.  Why not load their vehicle up with Styrofoam for the trip down south?!

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