School Supplies the Do's and Don'ts


As the school year fast approaches, we've noticed a ton of great dialogue in the blogosphere covering the ways for kids (and parents) to best get the supplies they need while being responsible for their impact to the environment. Some of the great questions were:

  • Is it better to purchase a new recycled binder (like ours), or to find a used vinyl binder that still can be useful.
  • Is it important to a teenager to wear their environmental commitment on their sleeve?
  • How does the shrinking pocket book interact with the requirement to be responsible?
These are great questions - and there were many others posted by readers and bloggers alike.  It's a great time to be thinking about these things.  Here are some of the folks who covered our products (both positive and less-than-complimentary reviews) - we welcome your thoughts as well. Green Earth Journey Comfort Joy Designs in conjunction with Brown Couch Events Pure Natural Diva Your Daily Thread Green LA Girl Lighter Footstep Fake Plastic Fish Women-Prenuers Galore - comments coming soon. Thanks to everyone who is carrying the torch.  At the end of the day, supply and demand will be the only force which can transform industry - and therefore the world. We proceed.