Must We Eat Everything?!

September 10, 2009

fisherman with spear

I was stunned when I heard that the Taiji Dolphin Hunt was back in full swing again amongst the recent media attention it has gotten.  About 50 pilot whales and 100 bottlenose dolphin have been killed already; to be sold at markets in Japan.  Neither pilot whales nor bottlenose dolphin are protected by the International Whaling Commission's list of protected species. 

In upwards of 22,000 pilot whales, bottlenose dolphin, porpoise and false whales are taken each hunting season.  Buyer beware.  Much of the meat in these mammals is contaminated with mercury , so maybe mother nature will have the last laugh. The Taiji Dolphin Hunt has gone unnoticed for years because the Japanese media has refused to give it any attention. 

With documentaries like The Cove and shows like Discovery's Whale Wars(who I'm happy to report both Discovery and The Sea Shepherd are customers of Guided) it's garnered a bunch of much needed media attention.

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