RePlanted- Recycling Plastic Pots

September 21, 2009 1 min read

swansons used pots

Yesterday officially concluded the last day of summer, but you wouldn't know it with our 80 degree weather in Seattle.  While my garden produced quite a bit of food this year, the growing season for some vegetables can be sometimes year round.  This past weekend I pulled my lettuce that went to seed and a couple of dead tomato plants to make room for a few vegetable starts.  Kale, cauliflower and some hardier greens do well in late summer/early fall. 

This time of year is also great for working compost into your soil and cutting back old, dead growth on plants. For me,  I hate to throw anything away if I think I can find a second use for a product.   I always seem have a ton of those plastic nursery pots laying. They are nice to have when I give plants to friends and neighbors but I always end up having too many of them.  

The City of Seattle has been telling residents that they can recycle some of these plastic pots, but Waste Managementtells us that don't take them.  Check with your neighborhood nursery to see if they have any take back programs.  Swanson's Nursery has a Pot Exchange where customers can drop off old recycled plastic pots and others can take them as they need.  When the bin gets too full, they will recycle them.  Also, check with growers at your local farmer's market to see if they will accept them.

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