Hello, My Name Is ... Plastic

October 08, 2009

trade show floor

Trade shows. We've all been to them. Besides the collateral, leads and ideas we take with us, there's always the PLASTIC TRADE SHOW BADGE that ultimately ends up getting thrown away after the show. Some trade shows actually collect trade show badges after the show and reuse them for future events. While their intentions are good, they will eventually make their way to a landfill and take thousands of years to break down.

name badge holder eco
That's when the folks at Sustainable Group put on their thinking caps and came up with a better mouse trap... the ReBadge. It looks, feels and preforms the same as plastic but it's actually made from plants (PLA-Poly Lactic Acid). Our ReBadges can be used over and over again, but instead can be commercially composted and broken down with other organic matter. So, green up your next trade show or networking event with another one of our great products. We've got ReBadge Kitsavailable with 100% recycled/laser imprintable cardstock, pins, and clips. Sure to be a conversation piece while making making a difference.

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