Dialing For Dollars

January 12, 2010

yellow pages

When was the last time you actually used a phone book? I don't mean going online - the paper version. According to research, an estimated 650,000 tons of paper phone books are produced per year and delivered to over one hundred million households. The EPA estimates that only 117,000 tons (18%) are recycled each year. What's the cost to to tax payers to recycle phone books? About $50 to $75 per ton and a staggering $75-100 per ton to toss them into a landfill. We spend, on average, $.45 to $.60 per household to get rid of new or used phone books.

While ReBinder does use some recycled phone books in making our unique recycled office supplies, we'd rather they weren't produced in the first place. So, I ask... Do we really need phone books? Personally speaking, I have gone through the steps to remove myself from the "Do Not Deliver" lists of these phone book companies. Receiving confirmation from one of the four I contacted, did not remove me from further phone book deliveries, but it's worth a shot if you want to try. My good friend Siel published a list of the phone book directory removal sites . There's even been talk in California to propose and "opt in" service if you want a phone book; instead of an "opt out" service currently in place. What are your thoughts?

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