Good To The Last Drop

January 13, 2010

 So, what do the Minnesota Twins and rain water have in common?  (No, this isn't a set up for a cheeky joke...).  Minneapolis' Target Field has implemented a rain water harvesting system that will cut the stadium's water consumption up to 50%; which is roughly 2 million gallons of water!  Pentair Inc. has donated a system to the stadium which will harvest rain water that then can be used to wash down lower decks and even filtered clean drinking water. That's right, Pentair's system can clean the water equal to what comes out of the tap or better.  

The system can cut down on bottled water usage in offices and suites in the stadium.  The Pentair system combined with low flow toilets, faucets and low maintenance landscaping will save over 6 million gallons of water per year.  The trend is catching on with other sports stadiums around the country. Looking to save water at home?  You may consider installing one or more rain barrelsat home. They are easy to install and can store 40 gallons of water or more which will help save on your next summer water bill when peak rates are in effect.  Consider using native plants in landscaping that require less watering. 

Also, water in morning when temperatures are lower, reducing evaporation.  It's a shame that we don't have better systems in our homes to harvest and use rain water; like using clean drinking water to shower or flush our toilets.  Seattle has enough "liquid sunshine" in the winter that I'm sure we wouldn't mind sharing with others.  Tell us how you're saving water at home or at the office.

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