Help New Hampshire-Eat More Chocolate

February 25, 2010

lindt_lindor chocolate

Lindt Chocolates, makers of those gooey, chocolate filled eggs, has teamed up with Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) to provide an alternative energy source to burning coal. Lindt's cocoa bean shells are burned and turned into energy; providing electricity to the State of New Hampshire. Every ton of cocoa bean shells burned is equal to burning a half of a ton of coal.

On the West Coast, Seattle Steam provides sustainable heat to more than 200 businesses in downtown Seattle. The energy to run their boilers comes from burning old wood pallets and industrial waste that would have traditionally found their way to a landfill. While Salem Oregon based Kettle Foods, uses 100% of their waste cooking oil (used to fry their chips) to power their fleet of vehicles. We shouldn't suggest that eating more chips and chocolate will help save the planet (or your waste line), but supporting forward thinking companies is a step in the right direction.

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