A Greener Choice for Roadside Assistance

greener roadside assistance

There is nothing worse than breaking down along the side of the road, getting a flat tire or locking your keys in your car. Calling a tow truck gets expensive quickly. Many American's cut a check to AAA Roadside Assistance every year just in case they get into trouble. About 5 years ago, I learned about another roadside assistance company called Better World Club (BWC) that offered the same type of service as AAA, but BWC is environmentally focused. BWC lobbies for the environment, gives back 1% of profits towards environmental cleanup and advocacy, gives discounts on hybrid vehicle rentals and even offers roadside service for bicycles. Not to mention all of the membership discounts they offer (including a member discount for ReBinder's products). BWC is generally less expensive than AAA and if they are not, they will match their price . So why not put your money where your mouth is? When your AAA membership expires, try something better -Better World Club.